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DJ Cookie - Big Room Electro House Set

DJ Cookie 今日亞洲當紅的女席DJ,她10年前邁入夜店已燈光師起家,也因這元素造 就她今日對音樂節奏和歌感的敏銳與穩健。七年前她轉入自學DJ,因為她感受到如果ㄧ位好的DJ是可以給舞客得到無限的歡樂,所 以她決定投入DJ界,她想把她的音樂哲學帶 給大家。對她來說音樂是沒分深度與國界,只有快樂和開心,和如何讓大家開心分享她 在音樂上的歡樂。也因為她對音樂堅持和她 的音樂曲風充分掌控與感動了現場舞客加上 她舞台上的魔力與魅力,讓支持她音樂的 人,持續增加與熱情不減也不分國界。同時她目前在台灣擔任theLOOP的音樂總監和 旗下DJ,也是Club LUXY唯一駐場名花旦。 而在07年也因為她創立自己Party 品牌"浩室 婊子"她是僅有的唯一主打DJ,這也是其中唯一推手讓她這己年來快速竄紅至頂的元素之ㄧ。而她也曾被知名台灣報社TAIPEI TIME 報 導選出10大台灣群眾票選最喜愛的DJ之ㄧ, 也因她在台灣名氣之爆紅也常被各大報紙和雜誌服飾品牌邀約與代言。09年初她被日本 Avex 公司看中,邀請她作為House Nation 台灣 區代表,在09年尾也被亞洲唱片品牌映像唱 片公司邀約做專輯混音.而也準備在2010年籌 劃做個人混音專輯。現在她的名氣已享譽國 內外也不斷的被各國爭鋒邀約的唯一亞洲女 DJ,大家也給她封號為電音魔女之稱。

DJ Cookie, currently the hottest female DJ in Asia, has been around the club scene for ten years. Starting her career as a stage director, she was responsible for the stage lighting in every major event featuring the top DJs in the world. Seven years ago, she decided to turn into a DJ. She believes that a good DJ brings out joy, happiness, and fun out of the crowd, and it is with this goal in mind that she has built her reputation as one of the best DJ around. Her music exudes passion and love and bears no boundaries. DJ Cookie can ignite any party she performs. Her charisma on the stage has made her the only female resident DJ for theLOOP and LUXY. In 2007 she created her own party brand, “House Biaatch”, and the success of this party has only accelerated her popularity. Voted the top 10 DJ by Taipei Times, she has since received numerous invitations to play at various fashion events and endorsements. In 2009 she was chosen by Avex to play at their “House Nation” event as the sole Taiwan representative. Also in 2009, she was asked to mix for variety of artist and is now planning to release her own mix album in 2010. DJ Cookie is without doubt “The first lady of electronica music”