On May 15th @ Fantasia, witness the wildest WET T-SHIRT CONTEST ever before seen by mankind!!!  Hosted by the pioneers of Taiwan's most historic WET T-SHIRT CONTEST, Liquid Lifestyle Promotions, this will by far be the sexiest & most outrageous competition of any sort that you've seen or will ever see... until we do it again!!!  Hot ladies, white t-shirts, hot dancing, lots n' lots of water, & voila -- we've got the formula for UN-forgettable!!  If you're a sexy, attractive, outgoing, fun, & adventurous female, come show your skills/assets & be a part of history by signing-up now for a chance to WIN NT$20,000 in prize $$$ & the coveted title of Liquid Lifestyle's Wet T-Shirt Hottie of 2010!!! So, whether you're entering to WIN or coming to watch it all go down, you need to be at Fantasia!!!  There can only be one!

To enter, please email info@liquid-lifestyle.com by Mon, 4/19, with
1) Name
2) Age
3) weight, height, measurements
4) half/full body picture of yourself
5) phone number

You will be notified if you are chosen to participate in the contest.