Our fantastic Fantasia party is not complete without our brilliant nighttime firework display! Fantasia has brought on our best firework artists to give you a most breathtaking and impressive firework show. Be aware of the night sky, and don't miss out on this once in a life time spectacular!

FANTASIA BAR is for the tipsy loving you, selecting the best cocktails that are cool and refreshing, just the right combination of alcohol and fantasy that will definitely turn the heat up at our party!
Cocktails, sunshine, bikinis, and great music! You just have to stop by the FANTASIA BAR

Our Fantasia Cuisine includes all your choices for a fast and satisfying meal!
With fried chicken and hot dogs to die for, don’t forget to give your energies a boost while having fun in the water !"

Like a water party without bikinis, what's a party without ice-cold beer? We're calling all beer fanatics who are sure and confident in themselves, do grace us with your presence at our annual beer game! Bring out the guts and stomach! And let's all drink like there's no tomorrow!

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Draw straws to decide opponent, losing contestant out of three games will be eliminated while winner will proceed to next round

Contestants have to ride out the different levels of the bull machine for a minute, if you fall at any level then the challenge is over.

The ultimate water park challenge with super challenging brainteasers and the thrilling tornado water slide- our bikini beauties will definitely get their adrenaline pumping!

A test of your endurance and balance, only can you receive points once you’ve   come successfully to the end. Contestants who fail the challenge will be submitted to a penalty of soaking wetness!

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Their origins are a total mystery. All we know is that we found them in an abandoned warehouse, and they don’t speak. But these friendly robots do enjoy the crowd once in a while, so don’t be afraid when you see them at the Fantasia Party, these humorous robot dolls are sure to make you smile!

Summer heat is always uncompromising and scorching, draining you of your energy levels. Fantasia is here at your service, with our water gun team always ready to cool you down, letting you party on without fear of the heat! No fear! Fantasia here!

All the oppression and stree suffered from the hands of all your bosses, professors, and shitty friends, this is the chance to relieve them all! Let’s all attack with water bombs! Throw em as hard as you can without hesitation and get rid of all your troubles!

Hard carved chest muscles, stone hard abs, and bursting biceps that showoff the manly beauty! This is a combination of strength and aesthetic qualities, the results of countless hours of blood and sweat and tears. These macho men pride themselves in putting their best efforts on display under the sun. *Beep* All attention please! All to the Macho Paradise!  

Now who told you not to play with fire?
These over the top performers are here to tell you what it's like to play with real fire!
You won't be able to take your eyes off them as they do the unbelievable!
As you fall under the spell of their fascination fire tricks, do be part of our blazing hot party!
Fantasia has invited the most wanted street style brands of the season!
and has brought out limited edition products to all their loyal fans,
If street style is your style then you totally can't miss out on this!
The hottest playmates in the world, Essex Twins is about to show up at the scenes of Fantasia! And in their tow are more than enough bikini hotties to make stars appear in your eyes!
They will be in close contact with their fans, so be sure you don't miss out on this once in a
lifetime chance to meet them! The Essex Twins and Fantasia girls will be waiting for you at Fantasia 2010