Special Host:An Jun Can

Unbeatalbe Idol of the Millenium

Name: Shone An Jun Can
Country: Taiwan
HOBBIES: Swimming and jogging

After filming "Ai ZAi", "Zhan Shen", and movie "Love & Braveness" at one shot, Shone's acting career is facing a dilemma…but everyone don't get the wrong idea, in dilemma is saying that Shone rejected two drama serials in less that 1 month, one is a China tv station drama serial, another one is Taiwan ou xiang ju "Young Guns". because having filming so many drama serials in one shot had made Shone in a tiredness state, and another reason because Shone thought that having film so many drama serials, and he does not have time to upgrade himself, if he continue to take up roles in such period of time, this will make all fans can't see the improvements Shone had made, and will also cause himself to stop within that period and can't improve or move on. So after much thinking, Shone decided to have a long holiday, just return back to student status, and enjoy his school life, and also thinking what he going do in future.

In these period of time without acting, Shone beside busy will the school activities, and also upgrade himself, re-study back his English and Japanese, and decided to give up learning piano that he had learnt for quite a period of time , and change to a course he can show out his dashing ways - electric guitar. Beside that, Shone also try to write composition for the first time, writing about the things surrounded him, all recorded down. So beside can help him in writing lyrics but also can release a book too in future!!!

In the new year, Shone hope can get back his long hair - back to everyone familiar dashing black hair. Lastly the most important is career, Shone stated that he jsut able to adapt one person acting alone, like other works such as hosting or singing must have someone accompany, because he felt that he still not mature enough, can't really go solo, but if he was given more time and chances, he will learn and present more performances!