Trance around the World REMIX
The longest water ride in South East Asia. Connected by 5 mid-air pools and multiple water tunnels. 400 meters in length, totaling up to 15mins of ride time. Open front beach view. Rated as the number one ride at Fantasia The only ride in Fantasia that requires one's ability to swim. Front pool 200cm in depth, Back pool 360cm in depth. Enjoy water diving, rope climbing across the river, and run across floating woods.

Star Guitar Born Slippy
Combines both open-sky and inclosed designed water tunnels. Going through the tunnels in the DAY gives you the space traveling experience with full of stars. Going through the tunnels in the NIGHT gives you the dazzling time traveling experience that one may not forget. Taiwan's first ever 'facing down' water tunnels. Rated as the number two ride at Fantasia.

Super steep speedy slides that gives you the extra sensation. 10 seconds of high speed acceleration. Feel and contrast the sensation of the high speed drop.

Ambient Rapture

360 degrees circular motion reversing tunnels. Experience the harmony of speed and nature combined in one.

Taiwan's highest water tunnel. Consists of the Free fall, The Extreme, and The Typhoon water tunnels. Rated as the favorite ride among all ages

New Wave Jizz in My Pants

1800 sqaure feets, up to 1000 tons of artificial waves. Artificial wave crash every 10 mins for the duration of 10 mins.

Every 90 seconds, 1.2 tons of water falls from the sky. Water canons, water slides, water guns - the arena for a good water fight. The entire structure consists of up to 119 water hole supplies. This is the area if you are trying to hook up! (Warning: Bikinis here may be easily blown away if you are hit)

A State of Trance theLOOP Forever

Asia's longest large water tunnels. Up to 5 people per trip. Drops from up to 22 meters HIGH. A dreaming trip, sometimes dark, sometimes bright, twistied tunnel.

The only ride in Fantasia that lasts all night long. theLOOP allows you to enjoy all types of music styles and views while circuling around Fantasia in the loop. Total length up to 700 Meters. Chill on top of the floating device and slowly cruise through the entire park.Around 20mins per loop.

2nd Floor Infected Mushroom

20 meters in lengeth, up one floor in height, 80cm depth pool. Multiple water falls providing you to chill out and relax. A good meeting point with friends to chillout and rest.

Mushrooms shaped chilling area.