Taipei's premiere professional nightclub dancers

Also known as LGC, they are Taipei's premiere professional nightclub dancers and Luxy's cream of the crop and the best go-go dancers around. Since the launch of Luxy there have been numerous changes of members, and the newest group includes Chelsea, Ivanca, Fox, Shaun, and Jasmine. The LGCs are sexy, cute, and sweet and also full of endless energy and passion with a hint of naughtiness. Their costumes and dance routines are one-of-a-kind, being both professional with a fresh style, with them constantly being the role models of other nightclub dancers.

The LGCs have been invited to perform in numerous countries, including Korea, Shanghai, Beijing, Australia and the US. They also star in commercial films, music videos, television shows, and tour with concerts. These girls definitely live up to their hype, and their dance moves will definitely catch your eye, making you a devote fan thereafter!