The first ever all-boy dance team for nightclubs

Formed in 2007, Luxy Boyz are the first ever all-boy dance team for nightclubs, all dancers come from strong dance backgrounds with a minimum dancing history of eight years. 
Following two years of touring and performing in venues all over Taiwan under Luxy and MTV, these boys have definitely made a name for themselves. They are now delving in new visual territory, developing the LED-MAN in June of 2009. Creating illusions in the dark with their LED lights and dance movements, they have even appeared in skintight body suits, wowing the crowd with their dance moves revolving between masculine and feminine , the unisex vibe made the crowds go wild and will definitely go down in dance history.

Apart from the usual sexy dancers and macho muscular men, the LUXY BOYZ have constantly put effort into evolving their act, with a magician, acrobat, B-boy,  appearing onstage and as sideshows. Their unique performances and appearances have upped the interaction between the crowd and also for bringing out the best of their clients.
In addition to their energetic performances, they also possess the creativity and ability to implement projects for any place, event or shows. Their key to success is their professionalism and their hard-working attitude. To this day, the LUXY BOYZ are still in the race to outdo themselves and always watch out for them at parties as their performances will surpass your imagination.