World Renowned House Producer and DJ

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (DJ Dan Remix)
Janet Jackson - Make Me (DJ Dan Mixes)

The Vault (A Collection of Mash-Ups)

DJ Dan began spinning in L.A.'s early '90s rave scene and then became the main DJ for San Francisco's aptly-named Funky Techno Tribe. Along with headlining raves in the US and worldwide, DJ Dan has remixed popular dance artists such as Cirrus and released albums and singles on labels such as Ultimatum, Kinetic and Moonshine, including 1998's Beats 4 Freaks, 1999's Funk The System and 2000's Put That Record Back On.

DJ Dan was raised in Seattle and eventually settled in Pasadena and San Francisco, California. Living in California exposed Dan to different kinds of music; such as high energy and hip-hop and rap from Los Angeles and disco and house from San Francisco. Originally a fashion design major, Dan put design on hold when he decided that music was his true calling. In 1996 Dan released his first mix CD, Loose Caboose. After building a DJ career locally, Dan started building a production career. The production aspect took off for Dan when he did a remix for Orgy's cover of "Blue Monday." In 1998 he released the mix CD, Beats 4 Freaks on Moonshine. Dan put himself on the club hit map with the release of "That Zipper Track" and "Needle Damage" in 1999. The tracks exploded onto the club circuit and were further impacted with the release of remixes by Terry Mullan and the mix CD, Funk the System. The popularity of the releases earned him a slot on a world wide tour with fellow label artist Carl Coxand producing remixes for other Moonshine artists like Cirrus. Another Late Night along with the single Put That Record Back On followed in 2000, speeding along Dan's career.

In 2007 DJ Dan has completed a journey that started with America's early West Coast rave scene and has found him traversing the globe with his unique funky electro house sound. Never one to follow trends, Dan’s reputation has been built on a foundation of memorable underground hits such as Loose Caboose, That Phone track and most memorably That Zipper Track.
Hard work, a reputation for delivering consistently faultless sets and groundbreaking productions have earned him the respect and praise of his peers and led to remix work for the likes of Depeche Mode, New Order and the Scissor Sisters.

Dan has toured the globe extensively focusing on North and South America in particular, with regular jaunts to Asia and Australia. He has most recently been touring in support of his latest mix CD, “Lift 2”, released on Thrive Music in North America. Early 2007 see's Dan off to Australia in support of his Jam Music mix 'Chinese Laundry 2' as part of the Good Vibrations Festival with the likes of Beastie Boys, Jurassic 5, Timo Maas, Cassius and Nightmares On Wax.

DJ Dan has been on the cutting edge of forward thinking dance tracks for over 18 years. As one of the pioneers of the west coast explosion throughout the 90s to the present day wave of electro and indie dance, DJ Dan continues to push the envelope as he brings to you his long awaited debut artist album entitled Future Retro.

To celebrate Dan's 20th anniversary in music, he decided to create something special, one vantage point looking back and paying homage to where we have come, and another looking to the future of where we are going. Based in 2 parts “Future” and “Retro”, its a culmination of all things great on the dance floor, fusing classic dance tracks with Dan's unique blend of funky driving electro; A musical journey that spans the infamous past, present, and looks to the future of electronic music, from Mr. Fingers to Phuture to Frankie Knuckles to Midnight Star...Chicago to Detroit to San Francisco to New York City and back again.

Future Retro is much more than just an album; it's a way of thinking, an idea, and most importantly a community. FR is a place for any and all music enthusiasts to come and share experiences, thoughts, content. FR is an open stream of consciousness, a place where people can interact with other like-minded individuals, and a forum to share ideas, perspectives, and content from the past…present…and future of music.