Celebrity Rock Band of Taiwan

CIRCUS is an all-boy group consisting of Leo, Eason, Kid, and Shiao-ma. Their reality TV show "CIRCUS ACTION" is now in the fourth season, airing at nine p.m every Saturday. The show started with Kid losing a beer game and running naked on the Taoyuan Bridge and posting the video on the internet afterwards. The video was a hit, and was he was contacted by Channel V and aired on TV. Later on Kid brought his middle school classmates Shiao-ma, Eason, Leo aboard.

With their fast-pace and quick-witted attitude, they have had numerous chances to come up with new shows, and have become especially well known after their "CIRCUS PAPARAZZI" show was a success. They are friendly with numerous Taiwanese celebrities and stars.

CIRCUS has now come along to become a rock band in 2008, with Leo on the drums, Kid on the bass, Mardy on the guitars, and Eason as lead vocals and guitar. They have played at the massive Spring Scream Music Festival several times, and is even the spokesperson for the Spring Scream Festival this year.