FANTASIA BIKINI CONTEST – Information and Rules
We're looking for the confident and outgoing YOU to participate in our bikini contest!
Contest Information:
Finalists will be chosen through preliminary rounds including: Self-introduction, Catwalk show, Impromptu talent show, Stage modeling, Impromptu Q&A
During the final rounds, contestants will compete against each other, accumulating scores through a series of games, and also DIY their own look and style for the catwalk show, incorporating personal creativity and techniques to be the brilliant star of our contest and to grab the grand prize!
Awards and Prizes: (TBC)
Grand Prize:  Award Trophy+20,000NTD+Luxy Lifetime Plantium VIP  x1
Runner-up Prizes: Award Medal+ 5,000NTD+ Luxy Lifetime Plantium VIP x5
*Magazine photo shoot and other prizes(TBC)
Judging Standards:
1.Preliminary Round (3~5min talent act)
Talent Act 20%, Posture 30%, Look and Style 30%, Responsiveness 20%
2. Final Round (3min talent act and catwalk show)
Look and Style 20%, Accumulated Scores 20%, Popularity Votes 20%,
Talent Act 20%, Responsiveness 20%
The preliminary and final rounds will be separately held:

  1. Preliminary Round: Finalists will be announced on the Fantasia website
  2. Final Round: Grand Prize and five other runner-ups will be judged and announced

Contestant Qualifications:

  1. Must be 18 years or older at time of competition(Born before 5/15/1992), minimum height 160 cm.
  2. Must be able to attend all related activities during contest.
  3.  This contest welcomes contestants of all nationalities to enter, but none Taiwanese contestants must be legal residents of Taiwan.
  4. There will be no application fees

Rules of Entry:

  1. Entry is in online application format, apart from basic personal information, contestants are required to submit a 100 word self-introduction, one half figure and one close up facial photo taken in two months time. (Photos must be in bikini wear with clear, visible facial features, suggested photo size of 290x330 jpg format)
  2. Uploaded photos must not contain any inappropriate content, fabrication or impersonation of personal information and must not violate any copyrights.
  3. Entry until 2010/04/10.
  4. Contestants who are eligible for Preliminary rounds will be further noticed by phone and email.

Download Application Form and Contest Rules and Information Here

Final Round Game Rules and Information:

1.”Hot Chick Boxing”
Draw straws to decide opponent, losing contestant out of three games will be eliminated while winner will proceed to next round

1st place: 20 points + 1st place boxing belt
2nd place: 15 points + 2nd place boxing belt
3rd place : 10 points + 3rd place boxing belt
Top eight finalists: 5 points
Two points will be awarded for one win
 2.”Hustle Cowgirl”
Contestants have to ride out the different levels of the bull machine for a minute, if you fall at any level then the challenge is over.

LV1-1 point
LV2-3 points
LV3-5 points
LV4-10 points

3.”Fantasy Brain Teaser”
The ultimate water park challenge with super challenging brainteasers and the thrilling tornado water slide- our bikini beauties will definitely get their adrenaline pumping!
The game will be carried out in groups of two, both in front of the high-speed waterslide. The host will then give out the problem, and down the waterslide you go, with the winner being the first one who answers correctly at the end of the waterslide.
Correct answer given immediately: 10 points
Correct answer given indirectly: 5 points
0 points for wrong answer
4.”Floating Log Dash”
A test of your endurance and balance, only can you receive points once you’ve   come successfully to the end. Contestants who fail the challenge will be submitted to a penalty of soaking wetness!
Points will be awarded for successfully crossing the floating log bridge, if you fall into the water you will not receive any points. There will be a rope for steadying yourself, but be careful with your strength and time, as there will be water guns attacking from the sides!
Successful crossing under 1min: 10 points
Successful crossing under 2min: 6 points
Successful crossing under 3min: 4 points
Successful crossing over 3min: 2 points
0 points for failure to cross


5.”Fantasia Bikini Contest”
    Final showdown for our Bikini Beauties!
    Our panel will judge creative styling, catwalk shows and talent acts
    Focusing on your own unique style and look, and also your talent act, judges will    judge you also on your on the feet thinking and responses in specific situations.
Final Judging Round:
     After the calculation of the scores of all five games, the final results will be announced at the event