[Rules and Regulations:]

You must be 18 or older, please have your ID and ticket with you at the door.
For safety reasons, space is limited, so please arrive early.
For safety reasons, inebriated persons and persons with mental illnesses will not be allowed.
Possession/sales of drugs and other illegal substances are strictly prohibited.
Weapons and other dangerous items are strictly prohibited.
Hardware and concept and programming by theLOOP Production.
Person under 18 without identification not allowed under government law.
Outside food or drinks strictly prohibited.
Any usage, transaction or procession of drugs will be reported immediately.
Whistle or any sounding tools strictly prohibited.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


QG How is Fantasia supposed to be pronounced?
AG Seriously, people ask this question all the time! The featured water party Fantasia is pronounced as /fan'tez??/. The word refers to a musical composition with its roots in the art of improvisation. Drawing inspirations from the 1940 Walt Disney film by the same name that turned music into fantasy, we hope Fantasia delivers a brand new experience of water amusement that feels just like a fantasy.

QG Will visitors be able to access the facilities in the Formosa Water Park at Fantasia? Will it require additional payment?
AG Of course! Since Fantasia is a water party, it only makes sense that visitors should have the privilege to enjoy all amusement facilities available at Formosa Water Park! Don't worry, all you need is the ticket for admission to Fantasia and you will get to enjoy all the water slides and amusement facilities to your heart's content! However, we should still remind you that due to safety concerns, not all facilities will be available throughout the event; some will be closed before 7PM. We strongly recommend visitors to come to Fantasia right after mid-noon to enjoy the complete experience!

QG Where can I buy the tickets to Fantasia?
AG Tickets to Fantasia Water Party can be purchased from the Era Ticket System. Click Me to visit the website and get your tickets! Alternatively, you can also go to any Era Ticket Booth across Taiwan or use the ibon terminal at any 7-Eleven convenient store to buy your tickets to Fantasia!

QG Is there an age limit for the event?
AG Yes, there is! Since alcoholic beverage and tobacco will be sold at the event, only adult visitors will be admitted to Fantasia (and we apologize for this). Don't fret if you are not old enough for the party; one day, it will be your turn to enjoy Fantasia!

QG Can I bring my own food or beverage?
AG Fantasia will be collaborating with Formosa Water Park (sponsor for the venue) for the first time to provide an assortment of delicious food and incredible beverages that will chill you to the bone, so that you wont have to bring your own food or beverage! (In other words: No).

QG Is parking available at the venue?
AG Formosa Water Park is equipped with a huge parking lot right at its entrance. Getting back and forth between the stage and the parking lot will be painless (we promise) and you can choose to change or take a quick break in the comfort of your own car. You have our word that walking will be kept at an absolute minimum. How big's the parking lot you ask? See it for yourself by clicking here!

QG I have never been to Formosa Fun Coast before; are lockers available? What about changing rooms?
AG Worry not! Formosa Water Park is one of the largest water amusement park you can find across Asia and we have already got all the facilities (changing rooms and lockers) prepared. All you need to do is show up and have fun!

QG What should I do if I suddenly feel ill or get injured at the event?
AG While we have set up first aid stations at Formosa Water Park, it is still a good idea for you to bring along items such as Band Aid and so forth in case you need simple first aid (or Tiger Balm to relief sunstroke). Despite all the first aid assistance available at the venue, we would still like to remind you that real experts at having fun value personal safety above all else.

QG Can I return my ticket for refund if I can't attend the event for any reason?
AG We are sorry, but no ticket refunds will be accepted under any circumstance. Please note that we will not guarantee the validity of tickets acquired through means of private transactions.

QG After being admitted to the event with my ticket, will I be able to leave and enter again without paying?
AG Once admitted to the venue by presenting your ticket, you will be given a bracelet to wear as a token. As long as you keep your bracelet, you can freely leave or enter the premise at any time you like.

QG What should I do if I misplace my personal belongings?
AG While we have provided lockers for visitors at the venue, we will not provide custody services for guests' personal effects to prevent unnecessary disputes. We advise you to keep an eye on your personal belongings at all times and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

QG The event is supposed to last half a day; will there be a place to take a break if I feel exhausted?
AG You will find ample chairs, pavilions, diners and shaded areas for visitors to take a short break at anytime they like. If you are driving to Fantasia, you can also choose to rest in your own car. The furtherst parking spot from the stage is just within 5 minutes of walk away.

QG Can I record video or audio at the event?
AG Yes, you can record video or audio contents at Fantasia, but we would like to remind you once more to keep an eye on your valuable personal belongings to avoid theft (or losing your belongings due to neglect)

QG What if it rains on the day of the event?
AG Since Fantasia is designed to be an event regardless of rain or shine, no weather conditions will dim our passion for the party! With that said, it is important to remeber that Fantasia is a half-day event (12 hours). Given Taiwan's climate, it is unlikely for showers to continue for that long. But even if it does rain, we have prepared enough protective gear to keep you from being drenched. But then again, Fantasia is a water party; it wouldn't be much of a water party if you don't get wet! XD

QG How can I get home from the event once its over?
AG Fantasia has made special arrangements with the Tamshui Bus Company so that on the night of the event, route Red 22 will serve as the shuttle bus that goes between Formosa Water Park and the nearest MRT station. Not only that, operation hours for the bus service will be extended to 12AM on the day of the event. Don't worry, we got you covered!