Taiwan newest upcoming trio

9464 prides themselves in their innovative Chinese hip hop music style, yet do not confine themselves within the boundaries of "hip hop", often drawing inspirations and ideas from other music such as jazz, drum and bass, break beats, house, rock, etc..

The two members of 9464, Ga Weed and A-Jay, are both equipped with a keen sense of rhythm and flow, which is even more accentuated during their live performances.  9464 understands the importance of audience involvement and reaction, and this is where they shine as they dictate everybody's emotions through their energetic and often surprising performances.

9464 is always toying with new ideas, combining music, party, brand, and art, 9464 is slowly becoming the most dangerous duo in the hip hop scene.
This is 9464!

An experienced emcee, he has been doing live shows for six years.  Whether it’s performing or hosting, his humorous remarks and witty responses have become a trademark for A-Jay.  Some say watching A-Jay emcee is like watching an exciting ping pong match, with its continuous back and forth between his partner and the crowd.
A fine art major during college, his has a unique creativity and perspective that’s not found in most hip hop artists.  He fills the canvas with different views and vistas to give you a lyrical masterpiece.
A poet, an artist, and a rapper in one; the Picasso of rap: A-Jay

Ga Weed
Originally hailing from southern Taiwan, Ga Weed thrives on live performances.  Drawing energy from the crowd, he has worked with numerous DJs from all kinds of music backgrounds to give the audience spectacular performances one after another.  Not wanting to be just an emcee, Ga Weed has also spent a lot of time and energy on perfecting his lyric writing.  Focusing on life and attitude, he is a master in using humor to reflect the minutias of life.